Tools, Rules, and Fools

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Tools, Rules, and Fools

Post  ParaShock on Wed May 02, 2012 8:51 pm

There are many enhancements that I think would grealty increase the amount of respect and popularity of the server. Some of these exist on other servers, but are still a vital asset to the world of GMOD DarkRP...

1. MOTD: Currently the MOTD has three rules. Some servers have up to fifty required. Instead of saying "have fun", put rules related to these situations...

Examples: Post-Death Situations, NLR, RDM, what would be considered RDM, raiding, weapons, administrator respect, prop blocking/barricading, prop use.

2. Increase the amount of props: The server's current prop limit is fifteen for standard, new players. I want to increase this to about 30 or 40. With 15 props, you can't do anything but make a cade or two. People use props for more than just blockading. They use it for decoration, storage, and bases. Fifteen is just not enough.

3. Weapons and Ammo:Using titles such as smg1, pistol, ar2, grenade is simply not straight forward. Rename the ammo to their real use, or make simply "Pistol, Rifle, Buckshot".

4. Keys: There are glitches on the keys. When a owner is added, this may add many players on the server or when pressing a player with the same IP, it says that "Your player name" is already added. I wish this glitch to be fixed as soon as possible.

5. Tools: Lasers and tools that have destructive power should be taken away from people. Tools such as the advanced duplicator should be added in order to increase the player's enjoyment. ICly, you have already been in the building. OOCly, you have to repair all props all over again...

6. Weapons-smoke: When firing a weapon, you create smoke. This is easily deleted by going into..."Your Addon" > LUA > Effects. Delete the all files labled with "smoke". Weapon smoke increases lag when firing. As many as more than 5 texture blocks poof off of the weapon you are holding once fired. That's just one shot. Imagine a hundred bullets. Not just that it terminates lag for weaker computers once weapons are shot, but it takes down lag DRAMATICALLY.

7. Storage: In many DarkRP servers, there is a "storage" option available to the player. This "storage" option allows players to keep an amount of items after joining and rejoining. This is particularly usefull because the server seems to crash alot. Many players will be angered once the server crashes, or they may not leave their post guarding boxes of weapons. To prevent players taking advantage of this ability, you may have to edit the script in order to stop players from pocketing down money printers or boxes of weapons. Only allow them to carry an amount of INDIVIDUAL (Not boxes, ONE WEAPON AT A TIME.) weapons. (Recommending: 10 items/weapons.) This is a key feature to stop crappy money losses or anger amongst players. Out of the suggestions on this thread, this one is probably the most important.

8. The act of mugging and weapon holstering/equiping: Before a weapon is pulled out in a "last ditch" effort to stop mabye a mugging or a robbery, players should pull out the weapon and then enter a binded code before they may use the weapon. This stops badly RPed instances such as pulling out a gun as swift as lightning and raping your mugger. It's not very serious-like.

I hope you consider these options in order to place improvements onto your server. Thank you...


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Re: Tools, Rules, and Fools

Post  jsr99 on Wed May 02, 2012 10:15 pm

Thank you ParaShock for your suggestions and we have reviewed them thoroughly. As for the MotD, that has been updated and ha been updated, it was not in action during your time on the server and I apologize for that. It currently has 35 very specific rules on it some with multiple parts. You may have heard me talking about that motd in game, but as it was inactive during your playing time, you would not have known and again I apologize. The props are set to default 15 and I usually adjust when I join the server but often forget because it resets itself everytime it is reset which is somewhat often. For the most part I tend to put it at 45. The ammo problem we have been working on. We are trying to set it back to its original 3 ammo type system. The ammo problem arose when we had "Cusotmizable weaponry" on for a short while and it auto-set the ammo types. We are working on setting it back to default when we can. I have not even seen the glitch with the keys and am not exactly sure what you are refering to, I will look into that though, but I have not seen that glitch as of now. The tools we have just as background, and we have limited those to superadmin, but there is a glitch currently that we are trying to fix that is disabling those specific restrictions. The smoke idea I have not thought of, that is a good idea and I will do that as soon as I can, I am always looking for ways to cut down lag. The storage is a good idea, bit like a more advanced pocket, I have not come accross something of the sort, but I will look into it. And finally the mugging is a good idea that I have not heard of, I am not quite sure how to do that but again I will look into it. It would really help with the sleight of hand meta-gaming.
Thank you very much ParaShock for all of your ideas and suggestions and I will get to them as soon as I can. Hope to be seeing you again on the server soon. Have fun RPing!

[PR]John Smith


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