Whats Happening Now To Rainbow and Inactivity :(

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Whats Happening Now To Rainbow and Inactivity :(

Post  Rainbow Dash on Tue May 15, 2012 11:14 pm

I Know i know my inactivity may seem excessive but this time its different, I have one project to focus on for who knows how long, What is this project? Well its a story releasing the thoughts ive had throughout the month related to MLP, I dont know why but my mind is going off and taking a nice colorful pony show into things such as Child Abusement(In this case Filly Abusement), Murder/Blood And Gore, These thoughts are just terrible and the only way I can get these out is on my work, Ive been getting these thoughts from the other fucked up fanfics i've read as the Rocket To Insanity one. It just seems those are fishing for terrible thoughts and im going to get them out on my work. If you've seen me on TS3 with styles and other people if you talked to me and whenever im silent its constant thinking except when im playing a game which gets the thoughts out of my head for a bit but not long. I dont know how long I will be inactive on the server but I will visit from time to time during the duration of the Project.

Another thing is my map, I started a PrisonRP map for Colton and John to hopefully use, Most of you dont know about it but its going to be delayed for a bit, along with Inactivity on the server i dont know when thats going to be done

Stay Strong My Gamers
-Rainbow Dash/Minecraftzero1/DJ PON3

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