The Direction Our Community\Clan Has Taken

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The Direction Our CommunityClan Has Taken

Post  Rainbow Dash on Wed May 30, 2012 11:37 pm

Yes we all know about the tragic Hink Hall insident, frightened alot of our clan including me. Although the fact that Colton And John could of had their PC hacked, and the effect of it being alot of frightened members and alot leaving almost including me, They still managed to pull through that tough time and get back online! They saw how some left, I deleted them not wanting to deal with Hink's shit, after I found out the tragic events were over both Colton And John talked to me, after we were done I noticed the most respectable part of Colton And John. Their Dedication and Spirit, If it werent for those to atributes PR would be here today, I find this respectable so much in a community, Along with that it made me see that they've taken a new direction in the clan. They've shown we cant just give up when it may seem very slim for good possibilities to happen, We cant just stop fighting for what we love or what we are apart of. We are more than just a Community\Clan, we never give up, we never lose, we stay strong. This my friends is Where Gamers Matter. Not only is that they shown us, they also show they pick the best people for our community, Moderators to Admins, Respecting, Caring, And overall listening to the players. In need of help an admin will be there. There is alot more I can say about PR, but that is for you the rest of the community to discover.

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