Rainbow Dash AKA Vinyl Scratch's Admin Application

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Rainbow Dash AKA Vinyl Scratch's Admin Application

Post  Rainbow Dash on Thu May 31, 2012 7:26 am

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Name(In game name): Vinyl Scratch

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:9074760

Estimated time on server: about 7 hours this week

Experience: Im a moderator on the server not to mention co-owning a minecraft server and a CSS Clan (Wow i completely forgot i did that till now Very Happy)

Why you want to be a admin: Everybody loves the server but there are greifers/Minges getting in the way and we cant have that we need a nice and clean server. Most of the time I see people not even rping more like fucking around and being complete retards when rping. I Can be very loyal to the clan and I can give alot of dedication to us. I also can help other users if they may be confused or like "How to RP" or something in that matter. We need a clean gaming server and thats why I would love to be apart of the Administrative Team.

References: Nobody but mah self Very Happy

How often can you be on the server: Anytime you need me i'll try to get on

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