The Police Department

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The Police Department

Post  Turkslayer on Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:04 pm

A Police Department in any city, town or municipality exists for a single reason: to protect and serve the innocent people that live there. Police Officers fight crime by arresting criminals, testifying at court, responding to the scene of a crime, monitoring any suspicious activity, etc.

DarkRP's law enforcement system is very basic. No matter the crime, you get thrown in jail for a predetermined amount of time, losing your weapons in the process. Police Officers also like to run around, making random inspections of houses and arresting any "badguy" on sight. The Police Chief job, instead of being used as a position of leadership, is usually used to farm more $$$ than the normal Police Officer. I believe the criminal justice system on this server can use a bit of work.

Beginning with the job ladder, the very basic unit of the Police Department should be the:

Job Title: Police Officer
Salary: $45
Starting Weapons: Glock, Arrest Stick, Unarrest Stick, Stunstick
Job Description: The Police Officer is the basic unit of the city's police force. The Police Officer can work as either a patrolman or a jail guard. The Police Officer is also used to arrest suspects and escort them to their jail cell until bail or a charge is made.

The Police Officer is obviously the workhorse of the Police Department. They take care of arresting suspects, watching the streets for crime and making sure criminals don't escape from jail. These are the most important jobs in the Police Department.

Now on the topic of criminal justice: who would make the investigations, interrogations, etc? Who in the Police Department would be called as a witness in case of a courtroom proceeding? Who would present evidence or testimonials? The Police Detective.

Job Title: Police Detective
Salary: $80
Starting Weapons: Glock, Stunstick
Job Description: The Police Detective works as an armed investigator working on behalf of the local Police Department. The Police Detective's duties include responding to crime scenes, conducting investigations, interrogations and interviews of crime scenes and their witnesses, and testifying and presenting evidence to a courtroom on behalf of the Police Department.

The Police Detective is a rather specialized unit in the Police Department. Their job isn't to arrest criminals, but to present the evidence that gets them put in jail as long as possible. Detectives are the Police Department's experts in legal matters. They have a sidearm only for personal defense - they are not to be used to go on patrol and shake down thugs, that's the Police Officer's job.

After the Police Detective, who coordinates the entirety of the Police Department and gets everything in working order? The Chief of Police.

Job Title: Chief of Police
Salary: $300
Starting Weapons: Glock, Stunstick
Job Description: The Chief of Police is the highest-ranking member of the Police Department. The Chief is responsible for briefing units, planning patrol routes, and negotiating with arms dealers for better police equipment. In case the Mayor is unable to complete his/her duties, the Chief of Police may step in as the interim leader of the city.

The Chief of Police doesn't get into the thick of criminal justice, but they oversee all of the operations from the very top. They are the second in command to the mayor and should strive to assist the Mayor in other administrative duties as well.
The Chief of Police should be a job won by a vote, and the Chief of Police should lose their job on death (as well as the Mayor.)

Rounded up, this is essentially a perfect example of the basic Police Department. The Police Officer arrests criminals, the Detective gives the evidence that'll put them away, the Chief of Police directs their actions, keeps them armed, and keeps them a step ahead of the criminals.
On that note - in my opinion, there should be no SWAT job. The SWAT is a subsidiary of the Police Officer job. Police Officers and SWAT teams are on the same level. Any Police Officer can fulfill a SWAT team member role. It should be up to the Chief of Police to keep a reserve of advanced military-grade weapons in case there is a threat in the city that calls for heavy weapons and special tactics.

Also for a similar idea: what about a Police Quartermaster? This job would be a Gun Dealer with access to more professional weapons: Pump Shotguns, MP5s, FiveSeven pistols, M16s. The Police Quartermaster would only be allowed to work with the Police Department. The Quartermaster would also fulfill the Police Department's need for better weaponry.

That's all for the Police Department. This list of suggestions also ties in with my thread on Law and Justice, which discusses the Judge and Attorneys.

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Good idea but...

Post  TapenNinja on Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:00 pm

This is almost impossible to pull off. 1.the detective would be useless, as there would be nothing to collect as evidence, as no fingerprints exist in this game. if you need to escort a prisoner to jail instead of being teleported, they will run away, because again. this is not real life. no handcuffs exist. I do approve of the job name change as well as the police arms dealer.


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Re: The Police Department

Post  Rainbow Dash on Sat Jun 09, 2012 2:30 am

[quote="TapenNinja"]1.the detective would be useless[quote]

It wouldnt be entirely Useless, The detective can gather information from the citizens near the crime scene such as a drug dealing you could see the drugs from it if they left it, you ask the nearest people of suspicious activity of drugs and possibly get the drug dealers arrested for dealing them, I dont know im trying to make this make sense.

Rainbow Dash

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Kind of good idea

Post  goroblood on Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:25 pm

A detective would be good! Like , if you ever played ttt, they have an engine, where you press USE button on a dead body, and it says how many secs/mins/hrs later he was killed ,and it says that he was killed with ,<GUN NAME> And he was shot in <PART OF THE BODY>


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Re: The Police Department

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