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Post  Turkslayer on Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:23 pm

The very first thing I noticed when I first began to play on this server was the Judge and Lawyer jobs. I've always wanted to foster the idea of courtroom ideas and criminal proceedings on my own Garry's Mod server. Unfortunately, vanilla DarkRP doesn't work that well, with predetermined arrest countdowns and such.
To enhance the criminal justice side of roleplaying, we should re-introduce the Judge and Attorney jobs and modify certain portions of the arrest system to benefit this.

First off: the arrest countdown should removed entirely and replaced with an indefinite timer. Arrests would last "forever" (99999999999 seconds or the like). "But what do you mean arrests should last forever?" you might be saying.
The way it'd work:

(1) Criminal commits a murder with a Desert Eagle pistol.
(2) A witness notifies the Police Department of a dead body and notes that he heard a .50 caliber gun shot earlier.
(3) Police Officers respond to the crime scene. The Criminal is found near the crime scene with a Desert Eagle in his possession.
(4) The Criminal is arrested and charged with murder and illegal possession of a firearm. (He didn't have a gun license.)
(5) He is brought to the Police Department, read his Miranda rights, and given an attorney.
(6) The case against him begins. The prosecuting attorney presents the Desert Eagle used to commit the crime.
(7) The defense argues that he could not have afforded the Desert Eagle.
(Cool The witness that reported the crime is brought to the stand and testifies that he saw the Criminal commit the crime with the pistol.
(9) A Police Officer that responded to the crime scene also testifies against him and corroborates with the witnesses testimony.
(10) The Judge finds the Criminal guilty of murder and illegal possession of a firearm and sentences him to death.
(11) The Criminal is executed by firing squad shortly after.

That would be an ideal version of a criminal justice system in the server. While it may be unrealistic to expect that all parties involved would participate in such a way, modifying arrest times so that they are indefinite may result in some form of justice, whether it be mob justice or in a courtroom proceeding.

The following jobs should be modified or added to complement the criminal justice system:

Job Title: Judge
Salary: $140
Starting Weapons: None
Job Description: The Judge commands the courtroom. The Judge listens to both the prosecution and the defense's versions of a crime and decides which one is at fault. The Judge may also set a suspect's bail and may collect the bail money for thsemselves. The Judge works independent from the Police Department as to prevent possible corruption.

There should only be one Judge on the server at one time.

Job Title: Attorney
Salary: $105
Starting Weapons: Unarrest Stick
Job Description: An Attorney may be provided or may work independently for a certain group or person, but their job is all the same - to reinforce their client's story in court, whether by use of evidence, persuasion, or logic. They may also pay their client's bail in case of an arrest.

There can be an unrestricted number of Attorneys on the server at any time - however, one must be provided for someone who doesn't have one.

This thread also ties into the Police Department suggestion thread. Hopefully if these suggestions are implemented, it can lead to a new depth in roleplaying.

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Law and Justice Empty Again, a few problems

Post  TapenNinja on Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:03 pm

1. when a character respawns, the body dissapears. 2. it is hard to differentiate a shot when you don't know what it sounds like if you are new. 3. 911 is very buggy. 4. most RP maps have no courtroom. good idea though.


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Law and Justice Empty Re: Law and Justice

Post  [PR]Colton Smith on Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:45 pm

Hey man! Glad to see you using the forums to express your ideas for the server becuase me and john are too busy to get requests on the server. We already have a Lawyer and Judge, you need to go Biz. man first. But yeah thats how its supposed to be. haha I do like how detailed your system is, keep the ideas flowing.

Peace and love,
Colton Smith
[PR]Colton Smith
[PR]Colton Smith

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Law and Justice Empty Re: Law and Justice

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