Tapen's Huge list of possible improvements

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Tapen's Huge list of possible improvements

Post  TapenNinja on Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:23 pm

1. Gun smoke (thanks to another suggestion topic for idea, seriously, it is annoying.) get rid of smoke, it lags everybody.
2. Donations. Donator jobs are silly, in real life, you don't need to pay somebody in order to be a hitman ( the job itself, not the guns) so how about making jobs that are obtained in ranking up when the admins trust you. for example, you would not have the Hitman job until you prove that you aren't a minge.
3. MOTD enforcement. People always skip the MOTD. so you should make it so when X amount of seconds pass, you can agree to it, and play. another solution would be to make it so in order to play, you need to scroll the bottom. or maybe enter a code hidden in the motd.
4. Rp names. When a player joins for the first time, you should make them enter a rp name with a first and last name, and of course, a filter to deny special characters and profanity. but also you should be able to change their name with the same format as above.
5. a type of chat so players can have a unrelated chat instead of using /ooc and making everybody see discussions. and by typing a command, you trigger the chat until you type the command again and you cannot see the chat anymore.
6. Lawyers and judge. Take those jobs off, they have no use and cramp the job menu.
7. Get a swep that is empy handed for players to roleplay with, the pockets and keys display a revolver.
8. Metagaming. People randomly know others names, so when you see a player you have never seen before, the name will display "Unknown" and if you talk to them, they can decide to tell you your name, by hitting f3 and using your cursor to select that player and click "let this player know my name." and is then carried on until death or forever, you decide.

That's all for now, but i may add more.


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Re: Tapen's Huge list of possible improvements

Post  Rainbow Dash on Sat Jun 09, 2012 2:24 am

I Would agree with your 3rd idea but that just wouldnt work out, although 6 is entirely correct Judge and Lawyer is useless as much as we want to we cant make this the ace attorney series Razz. Idea 7 really doesnt matter because for me it doesnt show as a revolver, it may to some people but most of them dont see it.And idea 4 is not the best because some people might want to keep the current name although they can retype it it would be best to keep it how it is, and anyway how would they do that? and before peace out

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