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Member Application

Post  [PR]Buddy Smith on Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:03 am

Please follow the member application format:

Rank in community: Newbie Smile

Name(In game name): Just A Random Rubber Duck

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:24448105

Estimated time on server: Just joined, but am planning on staying for long time.

Experience: I have experience with Rping and how to respect the server and the people in it.

Why you want to be a member: So I may expierience new people and try and help out as much as possible with what ever they need.

References: [PR]Colton Smith

How often can you be on the server: 2-4 hours.
[PR]Buddy Smith

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Re: Member Application

Post  [PR]Colton Smith on Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:08 am

Welcome aboard Ducky, throw on the tag Very Happy
[PR]Colton Smith

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