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Post  area926 on Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:19 pm

Rank in community:user

Name(In game name):area926

Steam ID:area926

Estimated time on server:2 days of game play but i have been comeing on ever day for the last 20 days

Experience:i have been playing g-mod light rp and dark rp seens the old days

Why you want to be a moderator:i have 3:1:cus ever one is geting rdm when there is not a admin on :2: i have lots of friends that would say yes i should become a mod :3: i have beed a admin on a dif dark rp server

References:all my friends on perpetual and colton

How often can you be on the server:ever day im on there for at least 2 hours mostly more What a Face


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