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Post  Mephesto(forgotpassword) on Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:42 pm

Okay so, Dimitri, hes a pretty big cunt. Just saying.

I was on a while ago and have been thinking about it and realized, that I shouldn't be a victim of what he did again so here I am;

Dimitri was a CP, on the time I was on. I was a thief. I walked into the PD Lobby, the door was open, and I sat on that bench in there, he then immediately walked in locked both doors, looked at me and just flat out shot me. I complained in OOC, and that complaint was followed by "umadbro" said by Dimitri. So then I demoted him for having no excuse, "Murder as an Officer" (Remind you it was the lobby and I needed to ask they mayor for something so I was waiting for someone). He then waited a while, commenting in OOC at me saying such things as "umad", "MAD", "random demote", etc. after waiting and commenting he got voted cp again. I still didnt have a guns licence , so I walked into the lobby again and waited, shortly after that I was arrested. I asked for unarrestment, and it was denied, I spent 7 minutes of my time in PR in jail. then when I got out I demoted him, he was very angry and proceeded to get angry. So overall he has:

-Rdmed twice
-Random arrested
-Disrespected me
-Is a complete cunt.

Thanks, Mephesto.


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