Hi everyone :D

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Hi everyone :D

Post  Kyperion on Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:03 am

Name: Kyperion
Age: 14
Mic: Have One But Crappy
So basically I joined the server one day at night to find only one person there. It was the server owner Styles. He gave me a good greeting and said sorry the server was being configured right now. So I was happy that there was a server owner thats soo nice like that. I came to the server to warn him about a special kid and his two friends. Mdkid3me and ChickenJuie . Abut how they are known trolls across multiple darkrp servers. And ahve even destroyed servers like GoatRP. (A server I use to be a admin on).

I decided to join this server because of how nice people have been on it. So Hi everyone *Wags Tail*


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