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Post  [PR]Colton Smith on Mon May 07, 2012 4:18 pm

Okay.... so this is gonna be one of my longer posts... I am presenting you guys a new type of rp that me and john are in the process of creating called PRISONRP which is going to be based off of the dark rp game-mode base and heavily modded to make a new role-play.

Im not quite sure what is going into it its never set in stone... but here is the BASIC jobs it will include...feel free to suggest your own
(all in green require nothing to be the jobs, the ones in red, you need to sign up on forums to access these because they spawn with weps)
Prison Gang-Member
Prison Gang-Leader
Confiscated weapons dealer(kinda a bad guy disguised at a good guy to sell weps to prisoners.)


Respected jobs will follow as soon as we get the basic shit working...
We are gonna need beta testers for this and its gonna take some time to make this... and NO the dark rp server wont be going down for the test because we are gonna have the dark rp on the REAL server (yay)

Were gonna also add a fast download for custom models and weps so.. that's another thing.

I hope you guys like this idea and hopefully we can get it to work!

We need some help with stuff as well so if you guys want to help you guys should do the following:
-Beta testers
-A Map
-A Fast download (we have a host for it with 10 GB of storage) all you need to do is set it up

If you CAN help please post down below and i appreciate it!
[PR]Colton Smith
[PR]Colton Smith

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Post  Rainbow Dash on Mon May 07, 2012 4:23 pm

I already got a map going for ya Smile

Rainbow Dash

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Post  jsr99 on Tue May 08, 2012 7:21 pm

Alright, this is John Smith, co-owner of our server(s), now I am just starting on this, so its not going to be done for quite some time, but I have the basics down.

First off, I will say that this is in no way jailbreak :/ , this is not what I would define as a made-from-scratch gamemode, it is a heavily modded almost unrecognizable version of darkrp. Now I will start off by describing the basics of it, but remember this is not permanent and I am open and encourage new ideas.

We are not presently sure about our map situation, we would like to use a custom map that we are somewhat working on/starting to work on, but all help would be appreciated, even just informing us of a cool map that you know of is can be great help. But the entire map is still more than open for discussion.

The basics; We already know for the most part, yet again still open to ideas, the basics of it, the jos and so on. But I do not want to give too much away as I would like at least a portion of this to be a surprise to all, and something to look forward to, we will give continuous updates on our progress.

There are two main categories of jobs, The guards, and The prisoners. Each one consisting of more in-depth jobs. The guards, as they are very powerful and easy to abuse, are for people who either have spent a certain amount of time on the server, or have signed up for it seperatley, or both, we have not decided. The guards will most likley consist of four inner jobs, they are as follows;

(in increasing power)
Prison Guard
This is the basic guard of the prison, he looks over the prisoners and orders them around

Lt. Captain
He is the main commander of the prison guards, he also helps control the prisoners

Lt. Commander
He is second in command, right after warden. He is control of all the guard forces, including captain and guard, and looks over the prison in general, roaming around it.

Prison Warden
He is obviously the overall most powerful person in command. He looks out and controls the entire jail and everything in it. He has the final say in everything that happens.

Those are the main guard jobs, and again, as they are extremley powerful, there will be some sort of requirement to become them. They will spawn with basic guns. This list is not finished and there may be also a few donator guard jobs (anyone have a sniper in mind??). We may also decide to make the guards spawn with slightly less powerful, yet still powerful, weapons and possible incorporate a guard weapons distributor to sell higher weapons to the guards. He would not be able to control the prisoners or do much with them.

The Prisoner side is the much more in-depth side to it. It consists of much more jobs, and is open to the general public so it will generally be much more crowded. It consists of the basic prisoner and many other jobs that base off of that.

The basic prisoner of the jail. He chooses the listen or rebel against the guards and is the average prisoner.

Prison Gang leader
Similar to the mobboss in darkrp, same idea, he starts a gang in prison and has the prison gang members follow him

Prison Gang Member
He is similar to the gangster in darkrp. He joins the gang leader and does what he says

(not sure if were including these next two or not, depends on how crowded the server is)

Rival Prison Gang Leader
You get the pooint of it already

Rival Prison Gang Member
Again, pretty much the same thing, you do the same as the reg. gang but you also fight against them

The prisoner smuggler
There will most likley be npc shops outside the prison walls, one sells weapons and one will sell drugs. The smuggler sneaks his way out to buy stuff and then sneak his way back in. He does not sell the the general public, but must sell to the respected dealers.

Prison Weapons dealer
He buys from the smuggler and sells to the general public. The rest is self-explanitory

Prison Drug Dealer
He buys from the smuggler and sells drugs to the general public. Again the rest is self explanitory

We probably had many more ideas than that, probably a theif of sorts as well. But once again all of this is still up for debate. That is for the most part all we have set so far, and we plan on getting to work on it as soon as possible. We will post regular updates on our progress on this thread so check in often for how we are doing. And any suggestions are appreciated. Put suggestions for this gamemode into this thread rather than the suggestions thread.

With Regards,
John Smith (co-owner) Wink


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Post  Joe_Smith on Sat May 12, 2012 9:45 am

Hello gentlemen,

Wonderful Ideas so far. However, I would reccommend adding a U.S Marshals job, their role would be to re-capture escaped prisoners who are on the run. Maybe you could have a DEA officer as well, who could confiscate drugs found in the prison. Maybe you could have an ATF officer as well who could confiscate firearms found within the prison walls. Those are some of the jobs I could think off of the top of my head, I will certainly let you guys know if I have anymore suggestions.

-Joe Smith

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Job Ideas

Post  Marche100 on Fri May 25, 2012 4:38 pm

Escape Artist: Has a lock-pick, and can sell them to break people out. But the Prison Gang Leaders should not have them to start, they must buy them from the Escape Artist.

Jailhouse lawyer: Just a lawyer for prisoners who commit crimes against prison regulations.

Murderer: Has access to a knife at spawn.

Arsonist: Possibly add a fire-based SWEP? Molotov?

Terrorist: He can sell heavier weapons, such as C4... Basically a black market or heavy gun dealer.

Prison Infirmary Director: Medic.


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